Saturday, July 28, 2012

Parole Hearing

As usual, I draw a veil over the details of the proceedings out of legal courtesy.

Listed to last 2 hours, the hearing ground on for well over 4.  The Board members seemed to be unusually perceptive and it quickly became clear that the issue wasn't risk of re-offending but whether I would comply with my life licence.  It is pretty much a universal view that I will be hard work to manage!

I left the hearing feeling quite positive but it is vital that I retain a grip on my hopes. To hope for too much, then suffer a bitter blow has been the end of too many Lifers.

Now we must wait.  There is nothing else to be done.


  1. Hmmm. Given your background of being cantankerous, I don't doubt there are concerns. But not releasing you because you might do something that breaks the conditions and puts you back inside again seems a bit illogical, not to mention dangerously close to keeping you in for what you might do rather than for what you have done already.

    Of course, we only have this short para and extrapolating the full intent of the board on the basis of it is foolish, but if the answer were to come back "we aren't letting you out because if we do you'll only end up inside again" I think you won't be alone in spitting out your tea in rage and frustration.

  2. What does one have to do to comply with a "life licence"? and do any of us non prisoners or ex prisoners comply?