Thursday, January 7, 2010

Credit Where It's Due

Twenty five years ago, playing cricket, I seemed to twist my back. It left me immobile and in bug-eyed agony. Staff shoved three doctors in front of me. One diagnosed a flaring appendix; the next a sprain; and the third declared I was faking.
This has left me with a dodgy back ever since. Until I hit my forties, it really didn't affect my daily life. Nowadays, though, it leaves me with a constant ache.
For the second time in a year, my lower back muscles went into spasm. And women say childbirth is painful... It took me an hour just to get dressed last week and I had to wear sandals because I just couldn't tie my shoelaces. 

Healthcare, who usually don't come high on my Xmas card list, have been on good form. The Doctor gave me valium to unfreeze the muscles and painkillers to get me by. They have now lent me a Tens machine, which I hope will offer some long term relief.
I offer this tale not in the hope of scrounging sympathy but because I want to be truthful. If I am to tell you about prison life then I would be guilty of distortion if I refused to give credit where it is due. The whole point of my blogging is to inject some realities into the public debate and, in this instance; Healthcare did what it says on the tin.


  1. You need a physio not a crappy Tens machine, any doctor who gives one of those out is a total quack.

  2. I have a friend who uses a Tens machlne and finds it helpful. I hope it works for you too, Ben. And good to hear that you are being cared for. As you should be.

  3. a good chiropractor works for me. shes cute blonde and rubs me in oil. forget all about my back.


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