Monday, February 20, 2012

Mugging Murderers

Each weekend the local towns are riddled with prisoners from this nick out on home leaves, town visits or working.  Such is the nature of being near an open prison.  And, by and large, this migration takes place without note.

Legend has it that recently a bunch of guys from here were "fronted" by a gaggle of local tough guys in the city.  Perhaps they thought a small group of middle aged men were an easy touch to divest of possessions?

"You muppets, we're all Lifers out on day release from prison and 3 of us are murderers.  Are you sure?"

Having hinted at the dire consequences that could follow further aggression our boys moved on, leaving in their wake a slightly shaken and bemused gaggle of plastic gangsters.


  1. Vast majority of lifers will have done their deed in a sneaky and cowardly way (e.g. by surprise/ picking on someone infinitely smaller) ---- -----you are bigging-up a group of people who are really quite small when you think about it.

  2. In what way is Ben "bigging up" those guys? He's just giving us an amusing anecdote (I for one would have liked to have seen the expression on the yokels' faces).

    I think you need to get over yourself - I'll fetch the ladder...

  3. This story might well be made up, just a bit of bravado, I can't imagine a group of middle aged men being confronted like that in the first place, especially men who might well look hardened by thier experience of life ... and death. Sorry Ben but this post doesn't wash or ring true.

  4. Sophie, it's all area dependent, trust me when I say such things can and do happen, a sad reflection on our society I'm afraid -.-

    1. I know Hideki, and people do tell tall stories and make up stories too

  5. Remember to lol, people!

    Unless your puritans, in which case fair enough.


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