Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holiday

The past year has been astonishing and full of change and wonder. May we all be blessed with a hopeful new year - and a thoroughly dissolute Christmas.

Many thanks for your interest, comments and support.

Back in a couple of days!

Ben and The Editor


  1. Thanks to you both, have a good one.

  2. 'and a thoroughly dissolute Christmas'

    Hic-Hic-Hooray, to that!....and many cheers to you both.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes - and very best wishes to you both. May you have a good and exciting 2013 - please keep writing.

  4. Ben I've just been on Home leave and head back for my last six months on Wednesday. I've not done as long as you but i share the same aspirations. Going to Queens for Masters then PhD in September and thereafter. I'm 45 and mange to write a book/tale of my experiences starting HMP Lewes 2007. I'm new to all this technology so if you could please contact me my email is

    I can't use it after Wednesday but if you give me some details i can send you my story.
    Please get in touch i think shared experiences produce clearer narratives

  5. Best wishes and greetings to you both. Recalling one of your past writings, I think it was for Inside Time, when you made reference to hooch and that Christmas you were just going to not let it worry you - well how does it feel able to get your own? All the best for the New Year


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