Monday, February 11, 2013

Prison Blogger Censored

I mentioned before that a prisoner blogger has sprung out of the cesspit that is Frankland prison. I also mentioned that he was being heavily leaned upon to stop writing. Such is the nature of Her Majesty's Prison Service and their fear of free comment aligned with their utter contempt for law. The blog can be found at

I have been contacted by his facilitators on the outside, prisoners being disallowed direct internet access. The latest development is that prison staff are refusing to allow our correspondent to post material out, and withholding supporting material that has been posted in. The illegalities in this situation just pile up on top of each other.

In a response to a "letter before action" demanding an explanation from the prison, some very junior cog in that machine says that because the blog may tarnish the reputation of Frankland (notorious for staff for brutality and racism...) then they refuse our man permission to post his material.

This is illegal. I won't even try to be subtle about it, for there are no shades of grey here. It was established when I began blogging from the other side of the wall that the only restrictions were those applying to correspondence. To wit, neither staff nor prisoners can be directly identified, nor can sensitive security matters be discussed. Using the blog to plan escapes is, well, frowned upon. Outside of these restrictions anything can be said. As readers of my travails within the prison system may recall, I said it all myself. Possibly not wisely, but perfectly legally.

I will keep you informed of the situation, which only adds to my contempt for my ex-keepers and their very vague interest in maintaining the law.


  1. It's a disgrace that they're making it difficult for him to blog.
    Having read all of the inane drivel that this buffoon has written its fairly easy to see that his observations and commentary could be converted into some sort of comedic series.
    21 years into a life sentence, 13 years over tariff, recently on basic, recently completed a Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder assessment, and still in the high security estate?
    They really should let him blog, then the general public could gain some insight into just what the staff are really up against!!

  2. Censorship is the ultimate bigotry, and yet I notice that it's the left which mostly call out "bigot" to their critics, whilst being the keenest of censors.

    He who has not been censored by the BBC, is a Marxist.

  3. Censorship of convicts is criminal.

  4. When I read this blog I thought - Yes it is illegal etc but who will/can do anything about it?

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