Monday, March 4, 2013


At 10pm tonight  will be taking part in a phone-in show on BBC Radio Birmingham sparked by the Ministry decision to ban smoking in prisons.

I believe that the broad theme will be along the lines of "is prison too soft". Of course, that's the wrong question.

We should ask, what is the intended purpose of prison? And then we can ask, does it do what we ask of it?

To ask "is prison too soft" is to assume far too much, and to overlook the fact that we really are very, very confused about what we expect from the use of prison.


  1. Wow Ben, are they REALLY gonna ban it? Is it a done-deal? Asking for trouble if you ask me...i hope you give em what-for on the radio...and good on-yer for speaking-out as you do.
    I wonder if you could do me a favour? a fellow ex-con, i have you on my 'blog-roll' and i wondered if you might do me the honours and return the favour and stick my site 'biggertigger' onto yours?
    I would be really grateful and quite chuffed.
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    Cheers anyway....and good luck for tonight...Nigel

  2. Ban on smoking in prisons will be a real hard thing! Tough one~!


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