Friday, June 5, 2015

Bath Spa Uni


  1. My sister met Ben at one of his uni talks last year. She said he was a creepy looking dude with yellow fingers (LOL) but still enjoyed what he had to say. Kinda makes me a little uncomfortable though if he's receiving payment for these engagements. Maybe crime does pay after all if you don't mind waiting 20 years in prison to start a career.

    1. Howard League talks are done for free...

  2. "Creeping looking dude with yellow fingers"

    Well that's a new one. All these videos are the same, he just talks the same old codswallop every time at his university lectures. Must have been all round the UK circuit by now. The heart's in the right place but we're not learning anything new from these videos after you've seen them a couple of times.


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