Friday, October 16, 2009

How to get Released

Alongside the general lack of information about prisons and life sentences, there is a knowledge-gap regarding how I could be released. I will avoid the tortuous legalities and boil this down to the simplest elements possible to aid understanding.

There are two methods of release. The overwhelmingly usual route is via a Parole Board hearing. The PB can order my release and nothing could then prevent it. Of course, that rests on getting before the PB in the first place, and it's not the Board who pick the timetable. I have to wait for the Ministry of Justice to refer me to the Board, which they are only obliged to do once every two years. On my present timetable, I could have to wait until the middle of 2011.

The second, very rare method of release cuts through the tortuous parole process. The Minister of Justice could order my immediate release through the exercise of the Royal Prerogative. Come on Jack, what do you say??


  1. Fine, so we start and publicise a letter writing campaign to Jack Straw calling for him to release you forthwith.

    Since No10 see fit to deny us an online petition, this is the obvious next step.

  2. Indeed, it would seem so. Shame about the postal strike!

  3. How about an e-petition via ? I think they have to respond when there's a certain amount of signatories. Any idea how wide your readership is ?

  4. Oh please. Maybe you should've thought about it when you took someones life. Prick.

  5. Anon, well done for being the first person to leave a spectacularly dumb comment. Is the dedate just too hard for you to follow?

  6. I will second madalbert's comment. Anon should have thought before pressing the send key.


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