Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am Getting Frustrated!

I do appreciate that blogging is normally a deeply interactive activity, and living without that interaction is becoming very frustrating for me. Your comments are irregularly posted in to me and I'm champing at the bit for the opportunity to respond. Alas, the blog editor only has so much time and, relying on snail-mail, the time it would take for me to formulate responses renders them rather pointless.

I am grateful for your patience in this. But as a compromise, I offer the following post.


  1. I understand and sympathize with your frustration, I can only guess how hard it must be for you to have answers, but no way of posting them. Is there any other way that people who read here can help?

    I have been reading older posts and comments and have been surprised that pretty well all seem to be supportive. As they should but, in my experience, not what gets posted on other sites when people are free to parade their own prejudices.

    Thank you for giving us an insight into life as you know it, rather the official version we get elsewhere.

  2. Yes there is plenty to be frustrated about,but you are doing a good thing here by sharing your experience which is similar in ways to others,the injustice of the Justice System or supposedly Corrections,more it is the lack of it! Corrections should be showing the way in light,positively,not demeaning and negatively.And they wonder why (society) that it does not work.Where there is not care and love,things spiral downward for the most part.
    Humanity must arise and mentor to the heights,not the bottom of degradations!


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