Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't Interrupt

Some people assume that listening to music, with headphones, is a subtle invitation to be interrupted.

No matter where I park myself, no matter the obvious seclusion, when listening to music someone is bound to come and attempt to speak to me.

I have a method to deal with such people, or "idiots' as they may fairly be called. Without turning down the volume, I ask them, "Think carefully. Ask yourself if what you have to say can be more interesting than the music I am listening to?"
Remarkably, nearly all of them walk away. Even more remarkably, no one has bopped me on the nose.


  1. must admit i'm suprised that you haven't been bopped. Seems a trifle anti-social.

  2. Seems fair, if harsh. How do you navigate the aggression and hyper-masculinity of prison, while avoiding violence?

  3. I used to have a flow chat taped to the back of my office chair at times I needed to work uninterrupted. It basically said "is it life or death? Do you have a cup of tea for me?" I imagine you can figured out the instructions :)

  4. I fully undestand that music can be more important than words.
    Contiue blogging, Ben.

  5. Haha, a man after my own heart. I had to slope off to the campus library with my Dean Koontz book the other day because people just can't seem to get the message that I really don't want to be disturbed, either.

  6. :-) What are you listening to?


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