Saturday, February 6, 2010

From the Ed

A number of people have expressed a wish to send Ben a few quid now and then to show their appreciation of the blog. I have added a donate button to facilitate this. It links to PayPal, so you will need a PayPal account if you want to use it. At the moment it is stuck right in the middle and is a bit too big! I am not clever enough yet to know how to move it around but when I have figured it out, I will put it on the right hand side under the photo (if anyone knows how to do this, please tell me!)



  1. My experience tells me that prisoners can always use a few quid to buy items such as toiletries, stamps, envelopes, paper, pens, coffee, sugar and the odd treat such as biscuits! And Ben probably needs to buy books and notepads for his studies. A donation is on its way! I Know i go through a lot of coffee and tobacco when i write, does Ben smoke?

  2. Try copying the HTML for the paypal button then:

    * Select 'dashboard'

    * Click 'settings' for your blog

    * Choose the LAYOUT tab.

    * Select 'edit' on the 'About Me' box.

    * Paste the HTML into the box and save.

    Hope that works! :)

  3. Have sent a small donation - hope Ben finds it useful. I have appreciated many of his blogs and supported his Facebook page.

    Keep writing please.


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