Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've just been handed two reports for my parole dossier. One, from a prison appointed psychologist, suggests that I suffer from 'grandiosity' because I insist that I am brighter than most prison staff. Whereas I think that's just an objective fact.

The second report is from Security, who "have recently received intelligence that Mr Gunn has a Facebook page supporting his release...".

Um, far be it for me to impugn the stellar intellects that populate Security Group up at HQ, but hasn't the Facebook page been advertised on my blog for nearly a year...?
So, am I really grandiose or are prison staff a bit, well, disadvantaged in the neuron department?


  1. Good grief. Heaven forbid we free British should be allowed to organise a campaign on your behalf! And on the Internets as well! Whatever will you do next? Contrive to actually write a blog that people ENJOY reading and get support that way too?!

    Seriously though, I hope this isn't about to blow up. It's exactly the sort of thing the Daily Fail would love to rewrite as you setting up your own campaign.

    For the record, I set up the Facebook page after following this blog for some time and being impressed by the sense Ben was making. It was entirely my idea and the only input Ben has had was when I asked his whether he would mind, and he said no and again when I asked permission to double-check his story with his lawyer. It held up by the way.

    Incidentally, at least half the screws are probably demonstrating the Downing Effect.

  2. I have written a full explanation of my reasons for setting up the Facebook campaign on my own blog. Hopefully it won't be needed, but just in case!

  3. Oh my god, they sound just like the *****ers I used to work for (and who bullied me, I might add!) in the Civil Service. I was always the one with the problem, never them.

    As for the face book all I can say is the internet operates in the free world and we can support who we bloody well like! So there.

    **blows giant raspberry at Security Group up HQ**

  4. In answer to your question at the end of your post Ben:- yes, they must be disadvantaged in the neuron department by a long shot!

  5. Just don't let it go to your head now!

  6. "So, am I really grandiose or are prison staff a bit, well, disadvantaged in the neuron department?"

    The two are not mutually exclusive!

  7. I have - somehow - avoided being nicked. I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and I, too, have been labelled as having `traits of grandiosity`.

    I tend to ignore what most psychiatric `professionals` say these days, as they can be very judgemental.


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