Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slash and Burn

The rumour is that the Governor has to find savings of £300,000 from his budget of some £5 Million. Fast. And without firing anybody, which is the obvious solution to many of prison’s problems.

I wish that people like yourselves, who pay for this shambles, started asking hard questions about what you are getting for your £45,000 a year, per head bill.

Are you happy to spend that sort of money just for us to be kept locked in our cells? Or engaging in pointless activities?

Or do you expect something more? Do you not expect us to come back into society better equipped to settle down, get a job, be in a position to contribute?
If I was being billed on my taxes for the present service then I would be demanding answers. And a refund.


  1. Absolutely! I've joined a face book group called 'Britain needs a general strike'. That would be the right way to go, it'd get rid of this rotten government for a start and then next would make sure that changes made would be suiting the majority; the workers.

  2. Ben I hear you brother! I stood alone for over half my life trying to convience people that there is a better way of living. A life where there is no greeed, no lies, no racism, no murder etc. My own people called me a cocoanut because 99% of my friends are the so called white people. But, had I stuck to my truth and fought with my own greedy lying people, I would be history by now. My brother tried to do what I am doing and he was chopped to pieces and brought to us in a black bag. It was his own black brothers who killed him. What I learnt out of this is that, when you stand out for truth you create enemies among your friends and among your own people.

    I have worked all my life and I don't owe anyone anything. I pay my taxes as per the law of the land. That is why my head gets fucked up when I think about what my taxes are used for. Nearly every penny that I pay in tax has blood on it. If it is not used to slaughter children and innocent people in other parts of the world, it is used to incacerate intelligent people like you. People who are more useful to our society than the fucking politicians who make rules on our behalf. If I a'int giving up after a lifetime struggle (am 50 years old), then there is hope for people like you. People are beginning to wake up from slumber and not only are they beginning to fight for their own survival, but they are beginning to question these politicians who make such insane rules and laws that keep people like you incacerated.

    Keep your fingers X and keep fighting because there is life after a prison sentence. We are ruled by murderers and liars who have body guards 24/7 for fear of ordinary people like us.


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