Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Financial Services

It is very strange to realise that, at the ripe age of 45, I have never had more than £150 to my name. And never earned more than £12 in a single week.

What an odd life I've lived so far.


  1. Ah, Ben its only money, the riches you have in your mind and soul are worth far greater than pounds, shilling and pence. Man cannot live on bread alone ... and all the other many quotes from religious texts that say what is in your heart is what really matters, render your heart and not your garments, is another one. I am sure there are many other more famous quotes, but basically it is probably true that it is better to be poor and humble. Once I saved up some money, a couple of thousand, and then spent the lot on a man, its best not to worship money.

    Anyhow, I will ding some your way 'cos I love your blog xx

  2. I agree with Sophie - you have something money cannot buy - decency and consideration for others. Keep strong Ben - will also send you a Xmas pressie.

  3. Note for Ed. - my Chrissie present for Ben comes under a different name!! Not that it matters as long as he gets it and enjoys it.

  4. Here here to Sophie and Mary's comments above! Poor you may be, but you are precious (dare I say in God's sight?) and to many people who care about you.

  5. Besides Ben, you may have little money, but your strenght of spirit and your determination to make change happen makes you truly wealthy. Keep writing, keep enriching.


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