Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Another year gone...thank you all for your interest and support, your willingness to be thoughtful and your comments. If you can stick around for the next year, we may see this through to the end together!

Have a good celebration, see you next year!


  1. I'm going nowhere, I want to read your first blog from Open ;-). Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Ben and I hope that it's as happy as you can make it x

  3. Will definitely stick around till next year! W£ouldn't miss your blog for anything so please keep writing and enlightening us - wishing you everything good for 2011.

    Thanks for all your writings and many thanks to the Ed for making it possible. Happy New Year to you and Ed.

  4. All the very best for 2011 Ben, to you and everyone who knows you.

  5. Thanks Ben for this message on New Years Eve, its a very kind sentiment you convey. I am sure we will stick around because we relate to you and the burden you carry. Wishing you peace, happiness, joy and laughter. Good luck and best wishes for 2011! One love - don't ever quit - peace!

    As for the celebration tonight; well I stayed in trying not to listen to the arguments and fights at the parties going on in the hood, somewhat unnerving, but it'll all come out in the wash tomorrow or whenever, and there's nothing decent on the box. Bah!

  6. Happy New Year to all, specially Ben, I too will be sticking around to read your posts and do what little I can to support and encourage you, see you on the other side!!

  7. Happy New Year to Ben, Ed and to all fellow followers of this most excellent blog!

    I seem to remember I was the karaoke queen last night, oh dear!!

  8. Happy New Year Ben..

    And,, FFS, swallow your pride, knuckle under and do what the parole board fuck-wits want you to do so you'll get a release date.

    Inside your head you can be who you really are but, for now, game the system...

    Get free.


  9. you can't go to Cat D your mates just burnt your cell down!!

    ho ho ho


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