Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am having to grind out posts at present, the monkey of writer's block - in the form of stress and depression - has a firm grip on my pen.

Much of my writing is driven by frustration, anger, or when I am in a deeply reflective mood.  Of late, I exist in a paralysing state of stress.  The thoughts that drive the pen seem to be frozen.

Your continued patience with my drivel of late is very much appreciated and I hope that you can stick around to find out where the parole hearing leaves me. Us.


  1. As, from what I've read here, it seems like this is your first real chance of actually getting out, I'm not surprised you're stressed about it, it's a natural state to be in.

    All I can say is good luck with the hearing, you've waited far too long.

  2. Take it easy Ben, don't worry about the blog too much.

    Remember, nothing is impossible and there is always a solution. So, if it means you have to take a break from one or other of your committements, do so, you can always pick up with it again when your are in a better all round position to.

    Take care and try and be confident concerning release.

    If you are confident that release is the right thing for you then you will take all obsticles that might be thrown your way gently and with ease.

  3. Grin it is odd reading the words of someone in prison having just come out. Also that women's and men's prisons are not as different as I thought. Especially with the screws playing silly buggers. Chin up mate xx

  4. Take you time Ben, we will read anything you feel able to write. Most important is to try to relax and keep your brain in gear - don't do anything stupid. Keep strong and well. Wishiang you all the luck in the world.


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