Sunday, July 15, 2012

No Win, No fee?

At work I had to climb on a table to reach some plants.  The table top collapsed, exacerbating the torn muscles in my arm and pulling my  back.

I wonder what that's worth?!


  1. loads for the lawyers, and the comment from me, pay attention to what your doing in future!

  2. Heh, while they have a duty of care they don't often compensate people who are actually assaulted and report it, I suspect your chances of getting cash out of them for an accident such as that are about zero...

    I'd not make waves and continue progressing to release if I were you, you want to sue the bastards, do it when you get out!

  3. Almost nothing as you have virtually no loss. Loss of earnings is minimal unless it lasts beyond release, and loss of ammenity and pain and suffering for muscle injury is limited. UK law never gives punitive damages, so as long as you don't seriously hurt someone you can get away with reckless stuff.

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