Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fear and Arrogance

Anyone who has had a brush with prisons in the last 15 years will appreciate the power wielded by the Psychology Departments. They are allowed to act as monarchs of all they survey because they wield the toxic combination of fear and arrogance.

Fear, because no Governor in their right mind would act against a recommendation from a prison psychologist. If a Governor did, and the worst happened, then it's the Governor who carries the can of crap.

And arrogance, because prison psychologists assert the certainty of their opinions and assessments as being nothing short of Holy Writ. They are infallible. Always.

This renders every Lifer perpetually vulnerable. No matter what he does, how he changes, at any moment a prison psychologist can recommend he "do some work". And progress towards release freezes until this is completed.

No matter that no other psychologist has ever noticed this "problem". No matter that the Parole Board and Ministry of Justice have cleared the man for Open prison. All it takes is one trainee psychologist to pipe up and your life is in the crapper.

This vitriol comes after meeting yet another man returned from Leyhill Open prison because some psychologist decided - and screw the Parole Board and Ministry - that he shouldn't be in Open prison.

This situation has held for 15 years now. Psychology Departments have infested every prison and their occupants strut with a certainty that the Twelve Apostles would baulk at demonstrating. This panoply of the immoral has cost hundreds of millions of pounds.

And guess what? They haven't reduced the re-offending rate one iota. The words "emperor", "new" and "clothes" come to mind. Come the revolution...!


  1. It is just appalling that because someone has a degree in Psychology everyone is in awe of their opinion. This is nothing short of a scandal, that their decision should over-ride that of a Parole Board and MoJ. I'm not generally ageist but some of these young graduates have practically no experience of life or people, but Psychology is as revered in the Prison System as it is in higher echelons of social work, and there's lots of money to be made. What happened to good old wisdom and her mate, common sense? Freud's teachings are taken as gospel. Shocking.

    Sorry for rant, a pet hate and insomnia combined!

  2. I completely agree with you both. I am in a situation whereby I am seeing someone incarcerated in a Scottish prison and he gets penalised by pointing out to them 'FACTS'... i.e. they tell him "both your parents are dead" to which he replies "No - they are not my mother is still alive" to which they question him "are you sure?" but this makes him out to be a "difficult prisoner who questions THEIR report". Needless to say instead of progressing 2 years ago when he should have - he has been held in closed conditions due to this! Apart from correcting Psychologists/Social Workers he has an exemplary record :-(

    To use the word pathetic would be the worst understatement EVER!!

  3. And just to broaden the scope of the malaise, these pseudo-scientists engender, consider the schools' psychologists, mostly women; they have managed to prescribe Ritalin to many children, possibly in the order of a million, mostly boys.

    Although the drug is a stimulant, when children take it, Ritalin stupefies them; which is probably the real reason for its administration.

    Despite the evidence that can be gleaned by any casual observation of a child 'doped up' on Ritalin, the educational psychologists insist it helps learning for 'troubled boys'. And what is this trouble that these 'scientists' come up with: ADHD? An invented condition, which by its almost oxymoronic title, that includes a deficit and an excess of mental activity, can be applied to virtually any boy at whim, if you wait long enough, and put the poor sod in a class room ruled by misandric feminist teachers.

    I can only estimate the full extent of this evil, as the perpetrators are not stupid enough to publish the statistics; which is odd if you think about it: why would they hide such 'good news' if they believed they were doing the right thing?

  4. Its a shame Jimmy Giro that you have used this excellent post to home in on women and once again show your disdain and hatred. Whilst the ground level practitioners are often although not exclusively women, those in charge of teaching psychology and heads of departments are more often male. I really think it is unhelpful to make a gender issue out of the appalling psychological and psychiatric treatments we are receiving today, in jails (mostly) and also elsewhere.

    The use of Ritalin among children is scandalous and I have heard that the drug is similar to speed.

    Jules as far I understand today's psychology in practice, they use the name of Freud but the practice has little to do with his original thoughts and method. Freud broke with the mainstream of his day and focused on how abuse was a major cause of psychiatric and psychological disorders, he did get a little carried away with some of his understandings but the focus on how the environment impacted on a persons psychology was groundbreaking at that time and presented a useful starting point.

    Nowadays it is post modernism that rules the day in psychology, in practice a highly judgmental and arrogant method.

    Psychologists (male or female) often think that the problem is that you are not like them and the solution would be for you to be like them (which is an impossibility).

    They also have no notion of the stresses and strains most poor and working class people are under as more often than not they are middle class themselves.

  5. Sounds like a some people here have some detailed understanding of Psycholody. I dont. I just have lived with with a woman who tried to kill herself many times and me once, who had 'extreme psychological disorders'.

    She is my Mum.

    I love her. And I have spent a lot of my life trying to understand why.

    And I still don't know. Despite Freud and everything else.

    I have read mainsteam psychology and it either seems to be a 'magnificent grasp of the obvious' or a bizarre interpretation of the complex.

    Its a strand of science that is in it's infancy. Still taking it's first baby steps towards being able to walk.

    There are some insights. But they are mere indicators.

    And gives a xxxk what you think about why people do. Put your balls on the block and prove you can get people to do.

    Over and out.

  6. And don't even think about being an individual.....conformity is what they want, to their ideals of behaviour.

  7. To Trampwasher

    Deep empathy with you. You are right of course, endless amounts of time are spent analysing and discussing WHY people do/say things, how about expending that time on helping them to DO, and to BE who they were always destined to be. Psychology might explain what makes you who you are, but doesn't give any guidelines for who you could become. It labels people and writes them off. We need to find a way to be whole. Jesus Christ has been that way for me.

  8. oh its you again anonymous; just go take a running jump mate.

  9. Well said Sophie,
    And preferably off a very high building!! Wonder what the psychologist's would make of that? AND...why do most of the prats on this blog do so annonymously??

  10. Simple fact is I don't run a blog nor do I feel the need to post under my nickname or real name.

    So with that out of the way I wonder what psychologist's would think of your comments, an element of bullying perhaps, name calling?

    Have you ever been on

    It's a great website you know...

  11. Anon, u are not worth it! have u ever visited its a great site too. lol

  12. @Queenie Belittling people now.

  13. @ Anonymous..... lmao in fact!!

  14. @Queenie .... Of course you are and in the process revealing your character...

  15. Anonymous you are revealing your character. Hijacking threads in order to humiliate and isolate people, (getting across nonsense in the process). Then, once this is pointed out; you claim that *you* are somehow the victim in all of this in that you say; "bullying perhaps, name calling?". Of which no-one was doing either, just defending ourselves, which we have the right to do. So, go back to your and leave us alone. Thank you.

  16. @ Anonymous LOL, and you yours.

    @ Sophie thank you and well said. lets just leave him to his "life" lmao, again!!

  17. Yes, Wigarse, I agree, that is the right way to deal with them; not to feed them.

    Ben's Prison blog is a bit different compared to other blogs. For one thing, there is little or no moderation, if there was, the trolls would be removed immediately or in time.

    I wonder if Ben and Ed might consider upping moderation here in light of this?

  18. Defending yourself?? LOL. As is usual with pro-feminists you seek to censor those who disagree with you and will use whatever method you think you can get away with. So carry and on throw some more abuse about, label people, because in your idiocy you have forgotten the fundamental reason why this blog exists. LOL

    Do you actually know why that is?

  19. @SophieJ I happen to run a successful business and the only reason I have crossed swords with you is that on a number of occasions now you excel in dropping into your comments feminist propaganda.

    This all happening on a blog written by a guy who should never have stood trial for murder let alone spent the amount of time he has incarcerated which you use to push your own agenda.

    There are in my opinion very few people in this world who have had to endure so much suffering but in one of your comments you appear to imply that perhaps Ben should perhaps do a few more years because he found a joke that you didn’t like funny.

    “You should use your faculties wisely especially if you want to convince others that you are of sound mind and that you wouldn't be the cause of injury in a different environment.”

    So in your mind any man who happens to laugh at a joke you find offensive should be punished?

    You’ve sat here over the weekend with your sisters throwing insults around like confetti, in one example suggesting I should kill myself.

    And you’ve got the cheek to call me pathetic, shallow and vindictive!

    If I am pathetic then you are truly sick in the head lady.

  20. A PLEA

    Can we refrain from using Ben's blog for a public slanging match? It's most disrespectful to the effort Ben and Ed put in to it, and may affect how seriously it is taken in certain circles. Healthy discussion and disagreement is good, but personal insults and vitriole don't help any cause I'm afraid.

  21. And please do leave me alone anonymous I have asked this now on a number of occasions. I have been a regular contributor here on Ben's blog for nearly a year; just because I took offense and showed a weakness on one of his threads does not warrant your continuing harassment of myself and other women.

  22. @Sophie J Oh dear 3 of you choose to abuse and insult me and now you think your being harassed because I chose to reply?!

    Victim mode perhaps.

    I find it fascinating you posting on here for around a year, I suppose therefore you trump me because I only spent two years in a care home as a child and served a short term in prison.

    I clearly don’t have your level of first hand experience in such matters.

  23. Ben has always defended non moderated comments. He will be disappointed that this freedom is being misused. Please stick to the remit of the blog. Ed.

  24. Anonymous, stop feeling sorry for yourself and taking it out on women.

    This is not a competition, I am not trying to out do you.

    I mind being subjected to constant baiting from you because you didn't like the fact that I argued with Ben about his depiction of women's bodies in that post, and felt that it was undermining.

    If you had something to contribute on that debate, at that time then fine, but all you did then and all you do now is to try and set me up as a 'feminist' (obviously one of your pet hates) and then give me a good clobbering for it.

    Please give it a rest now.

    As I have said before I am not a feminist.

    However, I will defend anyone who is oppressed and exploited, and especially those institutionally so; and I will do this to the best of my ability, okay?

  25. @Sophie J Your very boring and contradictory do you know that?

    On constant baiting:- can you show that to be the case (bearing in mind you take it upon yourself to make a comment on just about every post that is made)?

    On depiction of women's bodies:- he was recanting a conversation he overheard and at no point did he argue with you. Unless you live in some dream world where you can connect with him via thought waves. In this post he revealed he had a sense of humour and you on your crusade for the oppressed and exploited revealed you could easily justify seeing him locked for another 10 years because of his hilarity.

    Shame on you.

    You Lady need to be watched. Ben doesn't get released on your terms and when you say so, it's because he has well and truly served his "punishment" and not because you feel offended.

    Or do you see it differently Princess?

  26. I tried to offer you an olive branch, whateveryournameis, why don't you accept? I am not interested in carrying on with this any longer. I comment frequently on Ben's blog because his posts are mentally stimulating and allude truth most of the time.

  27. Sophie, seriously, stop answering, let it go. Anonymous will just keep upping the ante until you do.

    As for moderation on this blog, Ben is determined that even trolls get a voice. I suppose that is understandable in one who has been denied his for so long, but it does mean the occasional malicious post is inevitable. The only way to deal with them is to ignore them, and it does work, so please, let it go now.

  28. Sophie J LOL olive branch??? I should go back a re-read the post that I replied to that is condescending, accusatory and carries no weight whatsoever.

    In fact your whole participation in this particular post is full of patronising, insult, abuse and a dose of victimhood thrown in. Strikes me that you are the sort of person that would be very similar in character to those that have kept Ben banged up for so long..

    And for your information Wigarse just because you disagree with someone's opinion doesn't then justify you labelling them as a troll does it?

    And please do point out these so called malicious posts I have made....

  29. Yes indeed Wigarse, you're right! ( and thanks : )

  30. January 13th @ 9.47 am - I wrote my little piece (as a female) but I think it got lost in the midst of the fem v male argument. I thought we were just discussing Psychologists in the prison scenario... It all got way over my head :-(

  31. Now, now children! This is not a forum for spats. Sophie and Anon, please respect that or I will be forced to start deleting comments, something which we rarely do on here. Ed.

  32. I have not read every single post on here but some of it is very uneducated.

    To tarnish all psychologists with the same brush is not acceptable. I am sure all criminals believe that they should not be tarnished with the same brush either.

    Perhaps some proper research on your parts into treatment on aggression, sexual offending, and anxiety issues would enlighten you.

    Whilst i agree that there may be some 'unfair' psychologists, they are bound between the rules they have to follow under the prison and the BPS and their own knowledge that all patients they see are different and that prison itself is a stressful situation to be living in.

    Most psychologists do their best under the restrictions around them. And no trainee psychologist would have a final decision on a prisoners fate!

    1. So you're clearly not a prison psychologist, or even knowledgeable about forensic psychology. This is revealed by your use of the word "patients". No one in prison who deals with a psych is a "patient", either in terminology, usage, or even law. The psychologist isn't there for the prisoner, he or she isn't the focus. The psych is there for their employer, HMP.


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