Thursday, January 27, 2011

The People's Will - Never.

At present, the nearest we get to any sort of ballot is to chose various prisoner-representatives. These tend to form a committee that I dismiss as the "pots and pans" committee, as it is limited to discussing issues of absolutely no importance. It's not as if managers actually want our views on anything, after all.
Even so, I take a robust and immovable stance on prisoner-reps. Reps should be elected by their peers. Only Reps whose existence rests on that constituency of peers can begin to be trusted to represent prisoners' views.
Management here at Shepton have a different view. It seems that a junior Governor-in-Training (GiT) can discern the "will of the people" far better than we can, and he gets to pick who our representatives will be.
Obviously, prison managers are known for voluntarily facing prisoners who have a mouth and an independent brain...Only kidding.
P.S. Guess who won the last time we were allowed to elect our own representatives...?


  1. P.S. Guess who won the last time we were allowed to elect our own representatives...?

    Dunno, mustav been some gobby and opinionated person that the others probably just wanted to shut up!

  2. And who are the Others I wonder

    Well they be the ones voting for the gobby and opinionated one

  3. Ah I see so you vote for the party you don't want to get elected right? To shut them up yeah?

  4. Have you never heard of that happening before? for the election of reps?

  5. Of course they won't let you vote Ben, God forbid, things might change.

  6. I really don't think it necessary for people to write swear words on this blog - it is written in a mature literate manner by Ben so please do not degrade it.

  7. You are quite right, Mary. These spats are sinking to greater depths now and the comment you refer to has been removed. We support freedom of speech but let's keep it clean and not use this forum for personal attacks. Ed


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