Saturday, January 15, 2011

Staff Edukashun

We are subjected to a regime of roll-checks. As the fundamental purpose of prison is to keep us little beggars behind the walls, counting us now and then is a fundamental part of the job.

So each morning, when people have moved to work, each part of the prison is locked up. We're banged in our cells if on the wings, and each department around the prison phones in their complement of prisoners. The total must match that written on the board in the Centre office. How hard can that be?

There are less than 190 prisoners here. This morning it took staff 1 hours and 25 minutes to get the roll correct. If this carries on the Governor should change his name to C. Montgomery Burns and all the screws could wear the name-tag "Homer"!

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  1. Well, let's face it, how intelligent do they need to be? Although I suppose they only have 10 fingers.
    Seriously though, does that then cut down on the amount of time out of your cell? In which case it is a shame


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