Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still Waiting...

Two months after being granted a move to Open prison, I'm still sitting here. 

Bureaucracies, don't you love 'em?


  1. No I don't Ben, they are totally non-productive organisms that justify their existance and their wages by for example keeping you locked up at least 20 years longer than you should have been.

    Perhaps if you ever have the chance could you write something along the lines of a comparison between your treatment and the killers of Jamie Bulger when it comes to sentencing and parole?

    perhaps then we might be able to understand on some level that your continued imprisonment is not anything more than evil and vinditive...

  2. Well said Anon #1.
    Would I be right in thinking that the longer it takes to move to open, the longer it will be till Ben is released? Evil and vindictive seems about right.

  3. Is it possible that the recent riot in an open prison in Sussex makes it harder for the prison service to (from a political perspective) send people to open conditions, when like every other prison in this country they are over crowded.


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