Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Orwell Award

I've been invited to enter for the Orwell award. Ten posts from the
past year must be entered. What are your favourite posts?

Last year's winner:


  1. I'd go for (as both testament to the quality and general interest): Let's Make This Personal 9simple and very very effective), Violent Protest, Dancing In the Dark.
    Work, Work Work was a personal Favourite and We're Jammin.. made tea come down my nose

  2. Hi, out of the year just gone's blog posts, (2010), there are about 360 posts! And you have got to send in just ten! Well I would really like to try and help you out, and I have selected a few, but I only got back as far as August and had to give it a rest.

    Anyway, the ones that I have selected so far are:-
    1) Dawn Chorus ( its beautifully written and verges on poetry, it really is one of my favorites)
    2) "Whither Victims" is an incredible intelligent piece of writing
    3) Therapeutic deception from November 9th is a really good piece about psychology and how it operates in prisons, something everyone should know.
    4) The balance of hope from October 25, a very insightful piece
    5) Murder, responsibility and remorse from 22nd September is very moving
    6) Reform and rehab from August 30th, I know it was a very good piece but can't remember the specifics ... sorry

    I think I was flagging by then.

    It is an excellent blog and its great that you post as frequently as you do although it makes the job of selecting ten out of so many very difficult! Best wishes with the award, I hope you win!

  3. Apart from those six selected, the rest are all crap : P

  4. Note that you can vote for the Orwell Award. I would very much vote for you Ben, it would be a wonderful way to get you more publicity. Must spred the word: Vote for Ben!

  5. I have been a very good girl and have taken this task very seriously, reading all the posts of last year. These are my favourites. Some that seem to fulfill the criteria on the Orwell website (political writing, with directness and clarity), and some that just made me smile, or cry!

    Dec 30th 'I was a pain, really'
    Dec 20th Dancing in the Dark
    Nov 28th 'Prison Works' - an attractive lie
    Nov 22nd Disequilibrium
    Nov 21st A grand day out
    Oct 25th The Balance of Hope
    Oct 23rd Stop talking idiot
    Sept 22nd Murder, responsibility, remorse
    Aug 24th Blog anniversary
    Apr 11th Dependency

    Yay Peter, vote for Ben!!

  6. I am still thinking!! there are so many excellent posts!! but would like to ask if anyone, Hi Peter, know how we go about voting for Ben?

  7. Queenie and Peter, have a look at this
    I can't see that we can vote, the winner seems to be decided by judges, but I can't find this year's judges listed. Can anyone advise?

  8. Hi Jules, and thanks,
    Looks like you are right, couldn't find anything more helpful....but gives me a bit more time to squeeze my list down to 10!! It is very difficult to choose between some of them lol

  9. Put in the one about the factory line of tits... that made me laugh out loud - a lot.


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