Friday, May 11, 2012

Tired of Life...

So. London. Big. Noisy. Crowded.
I imagined being a visitor from some far flung corner of the Empire coming face to face with these vast buildings, seemingly impermanent, the embodiment of Empire. No wonder we pulled off that trick for so long!
This was not my first trip to London. As a boy I spent an improbable amount of time running away and tradition had it that I should head for London.
Tired and hungry, I decided to hand myself in to the police. And at Scotland Yard at that. The copper out front was having none of it. "This is just an admin centre, we don't even have any cells..." he explained, making me stand and wait for a van from Paddington to come and fetch me.
I wonder if the tea and pies they serve at Paddington now are as sweet as they were to that cold eleven year old?

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  1. An any-year old, only gets death-wish burgers, or carbon boot-print pizzas!


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