Friday, May 11, 2012

Contempt of Parliament

On home leave I was invited down to London for a meeting and afterwards we took a wander. The Editor was rather keen to take a picture of me in the lobby of Parliament, but I had forgotten to wear my prisonerben t-shirt!
As we circled past the Mother of Parliaments (a blatant lie!) I found myself becoming quite upset, with waves of emotion rushing up from the deepest part of my political soul. Was this a response to the majesty of Westminster, or in wonder at the beauty of the British democratic tradition? No. There is neither majesty nor wonder in Westminster, either in its concrete form or in the ideals which weave the lie of democracy or freedom and that tiny Guy Fawkes that resides in the spirit of all thinking people when faced with political power was stirring in my guts.
The feelings that wracked me were anger and contempt of such a power that even I was surprised. For why? Because I had a vision of my being in the lobby and collaring some political minion to ask one simple question. Where is my vote? In honesty, in my mind this was closer to "Where is my fucking vote you stinking hypocritical bastard?" You can take the prisoner out of the prison, but...
Such was my anger that I refused all efforts to get me to set foot into the precincts of Parliament. The level of my contempt is immeasurable. How dare these sanctimonious bastards sit in judgement upon us all, lecturing us on our duties and laying down penalties for refusing to abide by whatever law they prescribe? The relationship between the citizen and the State is a fragile and mutual one. I'm inclined to sue for divorce.
This Parliament refuses to abide by the judgements of a Court under whose domain it willingly comes. Why should we, then, not take this lesson to heart and treat the law as an interesting idea whose existence we only acknowledge when it suits our needs?
Contempt for this institution and its occupants oozes from every pore in my body.


  1. If you ever do have any dealings with parliament other than to sicophanticaly admire it as a visitor, or creep to and around the inhabitants there, ie as an MP or whatever, just run roughshod over it, stand on top of it and use it to reach the people with your issues, your understanding and knowlege, use parliament to rally people rather than rule them with perversity.

    It can be used in that manner, some have already done this Bernadette (Devlin) Macalisky comes immediatley to mind.

    Its a rubbish institution, doesn't really even rule us really, its a sort of illusionary power in some respects, otherwise why doesn't the whole country come to a standstill when parliament is in recess?

    The most accurate description of parliament is of it being like a dung heap, and quite a few people see it like that, although there are those who seek to gain some sort of warped power and privelege from it, and some who would rather see it destroyed; personally I'm with the latter.

    Having said that, there are ways and means to achieve it, doing a guy faulks on parliament would not get anyone far, just as it didn't him, except for the fact that we now ritualisticly every year commemorate 'bonfire night'. It does show how the legacy lingered on, although the actual events of that time have been obscured and twisted.

  2. I have to agree with you both, Ben, and Sophie J. Parliament is not what the people think it is? I have mentioned on here before, this is not really a Democracy at all! Secret Societies run the show, from start to finish! If you really wanted to make this a true Democracy, you would need to ban and destroy such things.

    Most of the politicians at the top, belong to such things, including PM's, ministers, most law, business leaders, and local councils. Anything that belongs to a Rotary Club, and upwards to Freemasonry, and beyond, is not Democratic, never was, or will be!

    "We are all in this together", is an evil saying, that belongs only in f--king Hell! Oh! Did I not say? This is f--king Hell! And, how did I work that out? Just look at the bananas that run the place, they can never tell us the real truth, as we would either terminate them from lamp posts, or we would die of laughter, I kid you not!

  3. I can see you as an MP

  4. @ Laurie. I've never been so insulted in all my life! Ben.


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