Friday, May 4, 2012

The Compassionate NHS Staff

As is the counter-intuitive nature of prison, it took me five minutes to book out to go on home leave but over half an hour to book back in. As part of the bureaucratic web, I had to present myself to Healthcare to be certified "fit" on return, as I was certified fit on release. Unsurprisingly, this gives rise to the uniquely prison word, to be "fitted". This is not the same as to be "fitted up"!
Standing at the hatch in Healthcare I declared myself broadly fit, but asked for some Ibuprofen for my aching back. The nurse turned to her colleague and said, "You keep working, so we can keep giving these lads free stuff".
"Urn, excuse me", I said, "but we are prohibited from bringing back any medicines from home leave. And as I have cancer, I have free prescriptions for life anyway."
"Well done" said the nurse, and threw me a pack of pills.
I haven't put in a single complaint since I arrived at this prison. This is a record for me but I have bit my tongue. Having nurses spewing their bilious attitude is one issue which I am seriously considering not letting go.
A big fat official complaint to her NHS bosses may well be in progress. Am I right?


  1. Yes, go for it. I'm in the process of officially complaining about cruel treatment from NHS and council staff too. What we find is that management have a dirty agenda of disallowing treatment although we need it and they employ young women in their twenties to do their dirty work for them, we call these young women 'management snippers'. Most people do not want to upset young women so we are partially disarmed from the start. Makes my blood boil it does. Its good in a way to hear your gripes Ben because I realise I am not alone in being grosely mistreated. Other people may think you should keep quiet, but you have to make that decision yourself obviously. Well timed post for me anyway, so thanks for that, best wishes and good luck. I think everyone should complain and staff should go on strike until we see an end to this rotten and corrupt regime we are living under.

  2. Yes, you are right. Medical staff should make no distinction between patients on anything other than medical grounds.

    Also, if she is willing to speak that way in front of you, who knows what her attitude is behind people's backs? If she has no respect for the patient, how much respect will she have for things like due care and attention and confidentiality?

  3. You only have a very few weeks to freedom you have to bite your tounge. A complaint will be seen as a black mark you need freedom more than to make this complaint. If you think she is prejudice then you will meet many more like her when you are released.

  4. What a dilemma - I agree with Alistair that the over-riding thing is for you to get out. I also understand how you feel about this discrimination and believe that the woman in question should be taken to task - BUT - you must get out - so perhaps you need to hold your tongue. What an ignorant woman she is - and she will get her come-uppance at some time. Remember also that there are many more like her out here - and you will have to find a way to deal with them without getting distressed - we all have to do that.
    Feel for Sophie too - good luck with your complaint - but of course you do not risk being incarcerated like Ben - so stick to your guns and good luck

  5. Hi Ben
    You must take this futher, she cannot treat you in this manner.
    Had you talked to her in this way, she would of put in a complaint against you, black mark against record!
    Just explain that you maybe in prison, but that doesn't excuse her arrogant attitude towads you.
    Best regards.

  6. Any satisfaction you (might) get from exposing this nasty piece of work, would, in my opinion, be slight in comparison to the damage you could do to yourself.

    You've done (more than) your bit Ben, - leave it to someone with less to lose. Why start rocking a steady boat that (up until now) seemed to be on a smooth voyage to freedom?

  7. Can you wait until after your parole hearing and then complain? Or complain to the NHS anonymously?

    But seriously. FFS. What a witch.

  8. Just rise above it Ben and walk away.

  9. alistair is right.

    We have a society that is over burdened with bureaucracy; and its administrators live in an artificial world, thus creating two parallel societies, similar to prison. Like inmates, most ordinary folk are not part of the administration; and like the prison staff, the public sector, including nurses and the police, hold themselves apart from the hoi polloi.

    Thus we have a macroscopic version of Philip Zimbardo's 'Stamford Prison Experiment'; or as I like to see it, the Orwellian state comprising the 'party' and the 'proles'.

    Complaining to 'them', merely enhances the demarcation; and comparing your virtues with theirs, is an exercise in comparing chalk with cheese; after all, nobody does or says what they believe to be wrong.

    We follow Dionysus, and they follow Apollo. If you want to cause mischief, engage in subversion. Create a demarcation between your opponents; flatter one, whilst scrutinizing another: "To the fairest".

  10. Whilst it's a fact that cons can enhance their chances of freedom by what they say. In your case, it will be by what you *don't*, that will help you through the gate.

  11. I think you are not right: Answer her immediately that you think that this behavior is unacceptable. Complain officially only if this is happening again and again. “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” or illness or trouble with her boy friend or whatsoever. Are you not able to stand it or you can't speak against it so you really need external help? Reporting to the bosses should only be done if direct complain does not help, that measure was announced, and this promises to make the situation better. And this is just my normal opinion how to act fair with other people without the special situation were you may additionally avoid trouble.
    Greetings from Germany

  12. They chose to be nurse's, and choose to work in a prison, for reasons only known to themselves. Perhaps you could remind her that you would like the chance to have a paid job and the chance to earn money instead of being in prison and working for nowt. Also, ask her if she would like to swap her health for your cancer, and the chance for free prescriptions.....

    Or you could write a long list of how the government waste our money every day, (eu, aid etc) and then a pack of pills isn't that much after all.

  13. No. Put your point of view just as you did. Complaining will only make them more resentful.


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