Friday, May 25, 2012

Home Alone

I have just arrived home for my third home leave, and so will be posting live for the next few days.

The sun is scorching and I am tucked away in the garden wearing a ridiculous hat (the curse of avoiding a burned baldie head) wondering where the hell all the cats have gone. They usually crowd my appearance, knowing that an extra meal could be forthcoming.

I hope all of you have some moments of simple happiness today.


  1. I am happy just knowing you are experiencing some simple happiness in your lovely garden. Enjoy it !!! x

  2. It must be odd being able to do the simple things in life when you want to, eat, get up, turn the light on/off and to have to plan what you are going to do.

  3. I am having just such a moment right now - sitting inside by myself, listening to the rain, and recharging my introvert batteries. Your weather sounds beautiful, though as someone else who has to wear sunhats (and in my case, copious ammounts of sunscreen) to avoid roasting, I would probably be sitting inside even if I were having a warm day. I hope you are enjoying your garden and pleasant weather as much as I am my rain and privacy.

  4. Glad you are able to enjoy the 'normal' things and hope the cats turned up. Thanks for the good wishes and they are reciprocated.


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