Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Man, The Mule

Has it always been the place of men to carry around all of the necessities that women require? Women have handbags, men have pockets. It is a woman's mission to render her bags redundant by getting the man to carry as much of her stuff as possible.



  1. No! You are making a generalisation, many people have vastly different experiences. Oh and maybe I feel sorry for you a little, there again, maybe not! haha!

  2. The man invented the bag, for woman to hold, and for her to fill with shopping, such as shoes, handbags, bra's, and chocolates. Man carries TV sets, fidges, washing machines, and roof tiles. If you are still carrying those bags, then take up mending trellis fences, and tileing the roof, then you will be too tired to carry the bags! Share chocolate at bedtime, making sure it marks the sheets, then at least they can remember the "last time", as they scrub away, so then, there might be a "next time"?

    Who Knows?

  3. Ah... sex is bad, it leads to chocolate addiction!

  4. Off topic but the parents of the six children murdered in the house fire in derby have been charged. Now if and I say if for they are innocent until proven guilty. Should life then mean life for these evil people. Your thoughts please.

  5. @ SUPERSAINT07 I think we should wait to hear more about the case before anyone comments. I wasn't there, so don't know what happend. I know a murder charge is the hardest to get off if you are innocent, as the jury (look at the type of people you get on jury service)think they must have done it. But having said that, the police are thorough. so let's wait and see what the evidence is first before we start bear baiting like the jeremy kyle show.


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