Friday, September 21, 2012

Days unlike prison

I have returned to Facebook after a brief hiatus.

I have been banned by from posting there, without explanation. Obviously they are free to comment here as censorship is rather repulsive to me.

My Blackberry decided to give up the digital struggle and has joined the great mound of circuitboards in the sky, leaving me sans a mobile.

Oh yes, and I applied for the position of Policy Officer at the Howard League - and have made it to the shortlist! My interview is on Monday.

I never had days so rich in the texture of living and all of its complexity whilst in prison and the contrast still shocks me.


  1. Darby said...
    Best of luck with the interview Ben.

    As far as is concerned: Just immerse yourself in the comfort of knowing you're no longer within the immediate grasp of these petty, spiteful individuals.

    I gave up using the site out of respect for my blood pressure!

  2. Again Ben, I hope the interview goes well, and you get the job.
    Reference the Screw's site, you have already won the moral victory, let them fester in their own little blinkered world(I was only carrying out order's)!!
    Keep up the good work Ben.

  3. Letting them fester in their own blinkered world isn't helpful. It means they carry on acting the way they do with all the consequences that has for society.

  4. Good luck with the interview, Ben!

    And keep trying to engage in a constructive way. The odd bannings here and there are simply individual obstacles on what we all know is an obstacle course.

  5. Good luck with the job interview.

  6. hey Ben, good luck with the job interview. and I hope life feels good on the outside!!!!!!

  7. My thoughts will be with you on Monday. You don't need luck, just say all of the correct things, at the correct moments, and the rest will take care of it's self! The, is just a right wing jack-boot club, all supporters of the Tory 1922 Committee, I no doubt?

  8. Wish you the best for your interview. I know you hit the educational and person specifics for the role. Lets hope Frances Crook, David Wilson, Dick Whitfield et al see this too.



  9. Good luck - fingers crossed


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