Sunday, January 20, 2013

Five Live Investigates

Ed here.

Just in case you missed it, Ben was on Radio 5 this morning discussing historical abuse cases.  Available on iPlayer.

He is now laid up with Nora virus, which has been trying to get him for a few days.  Something from him will appear on here in a day or two.


  1. Sorry to hear you are poorly - get well soon

  2. Wow. A very upfront radio programme, well done to all.

    Clearly the legal system needs to change regarding evidence gathering, and analysis. We have the science and technology to use lie detecting methods, which would be cheaper and more reliable than a politically driven legal system. And I don't mean the old 'polygraph', but the latest 'voice-sound' and 'brain-activity' scanning, to asses false witness statements. Though I suspect that if the technology is still immature, that the funding of its improvement will be minuscule, like the funding to prostate cancer as opposed to breast cancer [i.e. 1:100 ratio], owing to the large profits to be made in guilt. Also, slander exposer would be regarded as 'misogynistic' if women were found to be lying; which may explain why there were no female false-accusers, since the BBC doesn't do guilty women or homosexuals; it's the BBC's mandate to only referred to them as victims.

    Consider: the dead are less likely to give false-evidence than the living, and that the general state of crime of a society could be measured by the rate per capita of the murders in that society over time, then the increase of rate of slander can be assessed by comparing the murder rate with the abuse accusation rate. Since murder rates are going DOWN, and abuse accusations are growing in proportion with the political drives, then we can state that slander is on a steep rise in proportion to the Marxist-Feminist Zeitgeist, that drives it.

    Of course, the apologists to this fascist legal malfeasance will claim that "more victims are coming forward than before, owing to 'positive' feminist campaigns". Which would be a bit like saying that: "More Anti-German activity was exposed, thanks to that nice Mr. Hitler, and his party".

    Finally, here are some pictures with more 'victims':

  3. FFS sake Jimmy. Change the record: you are becoming exceedingly dull. How about you discuss the topic at hand for once, instead of turning everything into a bigoted and paranoid rant. Usually I choose not to engage with your fevered ramblings but today I've had my fill of you. Say something constructive or insightful or go away and amuse yourself making yourself a nice new tin-foil hat, there's a good chap. If nothing else, your shiny new hat would certainly keep the women away from you, which seems to be what you most crave. Urgh.


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