Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not Missing, Wandering....

If you wonder where the hell I am when not glued to the blog, it's because I am apparently pursuing several careers. As well as writing and consulting, pitching in at the Howard League and Inside Justice, I also seem to fill the hours being a terrorist-pervert cult leader with a sideline in Freemasonry.

Which, if you hadn't guessed, means I am also busy on Twitter. Compress a thought into 140 characters, and away you go... It really is surprising what exchanges and connections can flow. And so Twitter is where I waffle about my daily doings (so to speak...), and fill the endless hours on trains.

Of course, not everyone welcomes debate - even when they put up a comment for the world to read, they can take umbrage at anyone passing comment in response. Daft. Which is how, in only the last 36 hours, one particularly rancid collective on Twitter has decided to sling abuse my way.

To clarify. I am not really a terrorist-pervert-cultist-freemason. Honest. But that's the level of abuse that can crop up from those too deaf to hear another voice in the wilderness of Twitter. Ho hum.

But it is fun, engaging, and full of great people. Twitter. @prisonerben. Pop along.


  1. Sssswwhhhpp......... Tumbleweeds roll through the deserted landscape that was Ben land .....

  2. How can you be a Freemason, Ben? You have not been out long enough, to join Mr. Anonymous & Co.? And another thing, it was the Mason's, who kept you locked up, so you would hardly want join the Tie & Blazer crew, now would you?

  3. I am feeling a bit peeved that I can get so little of Ben's news without going all over the place! I have read this blog for a long time and want to be able to continue reading it from my 'favourites'. Really don't do twitter and facebook - how about looking after your long time supporters please.


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