Tuesday, April 23, 2013

All The Best Bands Have A Conductor of Genius

Recent weeks have been a time of great turmoil. My silence here, and on Twitter, may have been the only visible clue that something was amiss. I am moving out of the home created by The Editor and into my own place, hopefully for no more than a few months.

Only the other night we were talking about the origins of the blog, and realised we couldn't recall who first thought of the idea. I think it was her. Whichever of us had that spark of inspiration doesn't really matter, because it grew into being Ours. It is her efforts and struggles that have afforded me the life that I now live and struggle to adapt to, with all its positive potential.

It shadowed our relationship, its birth, how we developed and the mess I have made of it. But the blog continues and I hope it will prosper in every way and lead me back to the obvious conclusion. That the blog, and I, need The Editor.

Watch this space.


  1. I imagine it must have been extremely tough after the 'honeymoon period' ended, I hope everything works out for the best, sometimes space is all you need to find the best way to be together (sorry, this sounds like a flippin hallmark card). You went from a form of isolation to the full on household and circle of friend situation, must have blown your mind!!

  2. Your presence here has been missed. But priorities are what they are. Good luck Ben.

  3. Good Luck .. Hope to hear from you soon Ben.



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