Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One Man Band

Long term readers will know that this blog has always had someone in the background   Whilst in prison, Ben could not post the blogs himself.  He sent them to me - usually typed on a word processor but sometimes handwritten - and I would scan, edit if need be, and post to the blog. Since release, Ben has not really needed an Editor. I just hunt for the odd rogue apostrophe or typo before hitting the publish button.

Sadly, Ben and I are going separate ways.  He needs to find his path and I need to pick up the threads of my life as it was before he came into it.  So please forgive him the occasional typo, for the foreseeable future at least...

Alex (the "Ed")


  1. Really sorry to read that you are going your separate ways and very best wishes to you both. Thank you Alex for your valuable contribution to the blog over the years and would like you to know that you have been appreciated by myself and I am sure may other readers.

    Ben, please keep us informed of you progress as I am keen to know how you adapt to living in the world.

  2. My best wishes to both of you.

  3. Alex you have been true friend, to Ben and his readers, we will miss you - my best wishes to you both

  4. Sorry to hear that, my best to the both of you.


  5. Alex, thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into maintaining this blog over the years. I have really enjoyed it, and it would not have been possible without you. I'm sorry to see you go, but I hope you will have all the luck in the world with your future activities.

    And Ben, I'm sure the occasional typo will be forgiven :). best wishes to you too of course.

  6. Sad but not surprised. Best to you both....

    1. It isn't over, till its over. And we hope that doesn't come to pass.

  7. Alex,
    So sorry to hear of this, I hope you find happiness in the near future.
    You have been a true friend to Ben, good Karma is coming your way.

  8. Take it that picking up the pieces of your life as it was before he came in to it will not include working in any position of trust....... You were had by a con; take comfort from the knowledge thAt you weren't the first and probably won't be the last...... Schadenfreude ... Lovely word innit Miss??!


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