Monday, December 13, 2010

Health, Safety and Punishment

In some prisons, without in-cell toilets, access to the loo at night is via an electronic unlocking system. This allows one person at a time out of cell and it can be hours before you get your turn.

In desperation, some men then pee into an empty plastic pop bottle and empty it the next day. It's either that, soiling oneself, or peeing out the window. Some prisons are now laying disciplinary charges against men who pee in a bottle on grounds of "endangering health and safety". Oddly, that has never occurred to staff in those prisons where the only facilities are a plastic bucket and slopping out is still the norm.

Lesson - if we do it, it’s a crime. If the State forces us to do it, that's okay.

Good to know, isn't it?


  1. Prison and vindictiveness often seem to go hand in hand. The rules criminalise people for being human. The fond romanticised notion of 'British justice' is just a myth.

  2. ooppssss, its disgusting. health and safety is must for every human being.

  3. I take it due to the sad state of affairs with the fiasco of the 'transfer' to open, you are waiting for some new blogs!! Must have been a hard time for you as well Ed, know that we appreciate all your efforts in keeping us informed throghout this debacle


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