Friday, December 24, 2010

Let's make this personal

If it was your child in prison, how would that effect your view of how
prisoners should be treated?


  1. It makes a huge difference when you have a loved one in prison. In my case not my own son, but someone I've been supporting since we met by chance, who has no contact with his own mother. I have learned so much and had my eyes opened to many things. Please let's rehabilitate rather than further punish people, particularly those with addiction problems. After many spells inside they become institutionalised and find it so hard to cope in the 'real world'. I am talking about someone with many short sentences rather than one long one, but it is important for you Ben to use your time in Open wisely, and be as prepared as you can for release. Support from your friends will be vital.

  2. No, because I'd want every prisoner to be taught the things that would've kept them out of prison in the first place. Like how to say "no" when someone who says he's your mate wants you to do something dodgy. Or how to avoid a fight. Or how to read, write and do something you can get paid for.
    Still, everyone should ask themselves that question.

  3. @ Cirrocumulus,
    I absolutely agree with you, If more time and effort went into rehabilitating offenders there would be fewer re-offenders, why doesn't this simple point ever seem to be taken notice of by those who are "in charge" of our prisons?


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