Thursday, December 2, 2010

A lot going on

The original Cancer Boy collared me in passing the other day to suggest that I may be dealing with more than my brain can cope with, and maybe I should let something go?

There's writing this blog. Working on an autobiography. My PhD research. Open prison. Depression. Prison politics. Oh, and the cancer. He does have a point, that is an awful lot of pressure and I can't deny that there are days when I feel a tad stressed.

So I'm relying on you guys to let me know - should I start churning out mad, incoherent, sentences feel free to point out that I've finally snapped under the strain!


  1. Thirded. Honestly I'm a relative latecomer, but your blog has been a revelation to me. I probably would have been part of the "well, prison may not work, but at least when they're in there, they're not robbing me" school of thought, but you've certainly made me think again. For goodness sake don't stop. And good luck with Open Prison and most of all with the big C

  2. Again,dont stop, like Peejay you have certainly made me think!! It would be great if this blog helped encourage genuine debate on prison reform

  3. Dear Ben, I would really miss your blog, but you must do what is best for you. You could keep your blog posts short and snappy perhaps when you don't feel up to writing much? Or post a bit less frequently? As you can see from Peejay and May's comments, you are making a real difference with your blog so be encouraged by that but take care of your own needs too.

    We are all rooting for you. Peace and respect to you Ben.

  4. Ben honestly - you should know by now that its people who do nothing all day who lose it! "The devil makes work for idle hands/mind" is as true as it says. You are just multitasking like many intelligent people; here I mean those of us who believe that our brains/mind are the only infinite organ that we have. We also have such a short lifespan to waste our lives away! What you are doing is classic creativity, apart from the cancer bit!

  5. Do as much or as little as you feel you can handle. If you feel like scaling back on the blogging at any point, I'm sure your readers will understand ;)

  6. From Tigerlily;

    I feel that you were maybe having a bad day when you asked the question, thats so understandable at the moment.

    Your blog is unique, it feels as though it is not only enlightening people to what is happening within the prison services and within your life in prison, but also its supporting you to stay focused and keep your motivation levels up, as you mentioned depression its probably an outlet to stop the depression spiralling out of control.
    Your blog is always interesting and thought provoking - You do what is best for you, for I understand that your feelings must vary day to day and we are always thinking of you Ben. Please be assurred of this.
    Best wishes and thoughts are with you.


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