Thursday, February 24, 2011


On my wanderings around the nick I always carry at least two small notebooks. One to note any stunning insights into my research and one for ideas for blog-posts or other writing. My peers are used to me pausing them as they speak while I jot down a sudden inspired thought.
Some of these notes are quite long, running to a page or more. Most often, they comprise just a few words that - hopefully -encapsulate the idea to be written up later.
That said, my notebook contains a line comprising three words, and I'm damned if I can recall what they refer to, what I was intending to write about based on them.
The line reads, "Anti-depressants. Wanking. Madrid." Any ideas?


  1. Yeah I think I know, its about high time you were moved to an open prison; reading between the lines like. Best wishes Ben x

  2. Doesn't sound like a bad way to spend a weekend.

  3. Drugs make masturbation more real (or athletic; Depends on the drugs, really)?

  4. You sure you got no dope in there? lmao xx

    If they ever get round to sending you to open it might all become clear..........


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