Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Entering the carceral machine as a kid, I was stripped, searched, bathed, uniformed and numbered.
Then I was taken to my first cell. Guess what book lay on the bed? Porridge. Who says the Universe has no sense of humour?


  1. I often think nature is sick Ben and if had been up to me I would have dealt with you in a very different way.

  2. The Universe may indeed have a sense of humour, you are still here and continue to be a thorn in their sides.
    I admire the way you have dealt with the consequences of the tragic events which have left you in prison for 31 years. You deserve your freedom now, have done for a long time, and my heart goes out to that poor 14 year old child who should not have been treated so badly.

  3. Yes well said Queenie, your spirit survives unquenched, which is pretty much a miracle in my book Ben under the circumstances.

  4. Anon: it is up to you.
    Queenie: you're gonna make me cry.
    Jules: omg! what a spirit!

    Do we have faith in the future??

  5. @ Philippe Omer.....
    My, what great points you made, really added to the blog.........


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