Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Mental Shift

Being out and about working four days a week, and a possible Town Visit on Sunday, means that I am spending longer outside than inside. The stress that accompanied parts of my early days out has largely dissipated and been replaced by a form of stress that I didn't foresee.
Coming back and being stuck in the prison for a couple of days in the week irks me, it chaffs and irritates. Those two days are riddled with things of a prisonish nature to deal with or, as I see it now, "prison shit". There are some who have to put up with this for a year or more, each day switching their head between inside and outside, fighting the natural urge to become slightly more complacent. God knows how they do it.
Thankfully, I should have only a matter of weeks left to go before "inside" becomes history. No date has yet been firmly fixed for my parole hearing but it is scheduled for May. Roll on.


  1. well Benn lets hope you get released and make the most of your life then, and hopefully never look back, too long has been spent in prison. good luck karen

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