Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Revelation

Working in the charity shop means that I am handling clothes like never before. I joke that I've never had my hands up so many skirts. And the vast differences between men's and women's clothing have led to the following theory.
That is, clothing reflects the nature of genitalia. Women's clothing is ornate, even the simplest of garments made more complicated by folds, frills and pleats. Men's clothing is straightforward and rather simple.
Just a thought. And I don't know where transsexuals fit into this theory yet...


  1. Mens clothes require the hardest work to look after. The ironing - ugh! Womens clothes do not need so much ironing, that's my observation based on experience. Mens shirts though, they are a killer, and, although I know there are more men these days who are prepared to do their own ironing, back in my day, ironing mens shirts was a job that was mainly down to their partners. Such punishment! and what for exactly? What had we ever done to deserve endless ironing of mens shirts?

    Whaddya make of that one then, Ben?

    My conclusion was that its a lot less hassle, a lot less hard work and in many respects it is preferable to be single in this life, in this day and age.

  2. My mother and I have a constant argument. Whilst I beleive that smart shirts should be ironed, I see no reason to iron t-shirts. She then insists they have to be ironed and tries to make me iron them. I refuse to iron my t-shirts, so she does it anyway.

    Make of that what you will.

  3. Mothers notoriously put flowers on the chains of thier own oppression, personly I wouldn't be one ( a mother ) either; too much grief and hard work.

  4. Not quite your usual standard - slight smutty feeling to your comments on 'hands up so many skirts' - thought you were above this type of comment which might offend some of your supporters.

    Glad to see you are doing the charity work and still wishing you good luck and want you to be strong - so think a bit more about this sort of blog.

  5. He still has a penis, he doesn't hang it up next to his coat when he writes his blog!

  6. Mary, I'm not trying to be rude, but I think you're coming off a bit condescending there. It's hardly the first time a post that's not all intellectual purity has come across this blog, and if he loses readership over it, that's his risk to take. I've seen massively more offensive content than that on other blogs, and rarely stopped reading over it.

    I don't particularly agree about the trend in clothing styles - I think it's just that women are allowed more leeway in terms of what styles we can get away with. Men tend to get a fairly narrow range, with pockets and occasionally pleats, and not much else. Women get everything from leggings and skintight t-shirts to frilly, lacy dresses. My wardrobe tends to lean towards the former end of the spectrum, mostly because I find tacking on uneccessary bits of clothing gets in the way of comfortable movement. That tendency has never raised any particular comment, so it seems unlikely that I'm just aberrational. This is not to say I don't know plenty of people who are in love with the more frilly and lacy end of the spectrum, but I don't think they're overwhelmingly in the majority.

  7. @Jess

    At least men get pockets. Although as time goes on and on I am becoming more convinced that this is a conspiracy by female kind to get men to carry their stuff for them.

  8. Can't please everybody all of the time. Ben.


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