Wednesday, April 4, 2012


A curse that disproportionately afflicts Lifers, where we can all too easily connect diverse events and see a malign pattern of decisions or events amongst our keepers - aimed at us. This is mostly the result of an absence of information, an outgrowth of powerlessness.
But the day after I arrived I went to pick up a letter. Before I'd even reached for my ID card, the screw in charge said, "Here you are, Mr Gunn."
In a nick with a population of over 500 and mere hours after arrival, the mail screw knew my name and my face. Worrying.


  1. You are famous, not for what you originally did, but for what you are now! In most cases, I reckon you are wiser than most of your captors, and that would not be difficult, now would it?

  2. maybe they only had one letter there. So he worked out that you would be the only person coming to collect. Or saw you being checked in and overheard the name.

  3. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that people arn't still out to get me.

  4. Paranoia is perfect awareness :)


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