Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank You, NHS

I made an appointment to see the GP which, as the problem resolved itself, I later cancelled.  I used the proper form and in plenty of time.

Despite this, Healthcare issued me with an IEP (behaviour) warning for not attending the appointment.  That warning triggered a Review Board, which dropped my level of privileges from Enhanced down to Standard.

This halves the number of visits I can have, limits my town visits to one per month, knocks 40% off the money I could use to phone home and - lastly - prevents me from taking my home leave until September.

Thank you, NHS.


  1. Now this may be incredibly naive but can't Ben appeal? would he have been given a chance to give his side of the story and that was ignored/ not believed?I suppose if getting the form in is so crucial there should be some form of evidence available that it was indeed submitted - seems extremly unfair.

    Long time reader first time commenter by the way. Wishing all the very best over the upcoming decision, it would be a complete travesty if it goes the wrong way especially based on the past few months...

  2. Heh

    Not really the fault of the NHS so much as the IEP system and the scumbags in charge at your nick who are clearly doing their best to provoke a confrontation at the 11th hour.

    Rise above it, you could be home in a matter of weeks.

  3. Isn't there are book on the wing where all applications/requests etc are recorded?

  4. Have you got access to a photocopier? In future photocopy things like that so you can stick it under their officious snotty noses next time they try this.

  5. I'll refrain from commenting on the scandalous details of this post, in the interest of decency.


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