Friday, August 17, 2012

The Blog

Ben is coming home next week!

He wants me to tell readers that the blog WILL continue, but the title of it may change slightly.  Ben will have lots to write about, adjusting to life in the "real" world, after 32 years inside.



  1. Fantastic - look forward to the blog continuing. Very best wishes to you both and thanks for the enlightening blog.

    Hope you both keep well and enjoy life - good luck to Ben with his huge adjustment.


  2. Wonderful news, keep the blog going Ben.
    Once you are home and settled, health care staff look out !!

  3. Looking forward to the first post about the NHS!

  4. My advice to Ben would be to 'bang him-self up' until they are ready to let him walk out the gate.

    This would avoid any chance of altercation with either vindictive staff or cons intent on scuppering his discharge.

    A week is (capable of turning into) a long time in prison.

    Best of luck.

  5. Yes I agree with Darby, Ben keep yourself to yourself. I remember my last minute problems in HMP Leyhill which screwed up my chances at the last moment. But overall I can speak for everyone, I am so so glad your finally going home. Guess now is your chance to see how the real NHS works!!

  6. Wow! It almost feels unreal, well done Ben and Ed, be lucky, just, be lucky. All the best x

  7. It's a bit like Ronnie Barker's 'Porridge' sequel: 'Going Straight'.


  8. I am so glad I have been following this blog and therefore in a way been involved with this momentous occasion. It is going to be fascinating watching this blog continue and to see Ben out here in the real world.

  9. Ben - how wonderful! You may recal that many years ago I said I would welcome you at the gate.
    Contact me privately and the promise is still on.


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