Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging by 'Insiders'.

Our lives are governed by the machinations of institutions, both public and private. They are inescapable. Wouldn't our lot be happier if we had a window onto the internal workings of these monoliths of power? Wouldn't our society be freer and the body politic healthier if we knew more about how and why certain decisions were taken?

This preamble is by way of wishing and hoping that the denizens of the superstructure of our society dash to the loo with their Smartphones and begin to blog away. Help us, you civil servants; enlighten us, you actuaries; inform us, you paper-merchants and insurance salesmen; teach us, you educators.

The more these people blog then the deeper our understanding into the internal workings of the systems that guide our existence. Spill the beans, people, and feel the surge of blood that comes from 'living in truth.

Obviously my bent is towards the penological, and as the only blogging British convict I would hope that along the way I could offer a window onto the prison landings. It is long overdue that society had a (fairly) contemporaneous, if partial, view of what is being done in their name and with vast chunks of their money.

But where are the prison staff blogs? Where are the Governors? And where are all the other cons? Insiders within any institution owe us ah insight to their small corner of the world.


  1. Ah but if they started telling the truth, we'd go around making informed choices all over the place and they'd lose control!

    So they say 'look, I can't give you details but there's something out there you need to be scared of but we've got it covered. You just keep voting for us, do as we say and we'll keep the scary things away from you'.

    It's like the Wizard of Oz, they are terrified we'll look behind the curtain and realise there's nothing to be really scared of, and even if it is a bit daunting we can manage it ourselves, thank you very much.


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