Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meet your Neighbour

Rehabilitation is a bloody big word, seemingly too large for many people to digest. Let’s put it in its context, give a little flesh and blood to the rarefied concept.

So a bloke turns up in the house next door, your new neighbour. At some point you have a chat. Turns out he's been in prison.

Ask yourself this. While he was in prison, would you prefer he'd been treated like a scumbag, brutalised and left bitter and hateful before being released, to bump into you whilst you’re both putting out the bins?

Or would you prefer that he was confined (the punishment) but whilst there treated with some small decency, and given the opportunities to change through education and work training?

Your choice. Rehabilitation. It's simple, really.


  1. The former option is simply a wasted opportunity for both society and the individual concerned.

    So much crime arises from missed education opportunities - why not take the chance while you have them locked up and unable to play truant...

    (And I'm a Tory voter)

  2. It goes without saying rehabilitation and it costs less than putting upper class twerps through Eton and Oxbridge.

    I am aware that the prison authorities are trying to gag you and your blog. The law is on your side. Stay strong.

  3. Definitely the latter. Those that believe prison should be harsh and brutal don't realise that if you treat people like dogs you create wolves.

    I came to your blog via a post by Jailhouselawyer on Nourishing Oscurity. . I hope that you can keep this blog going.

  4. Your second chance may well be someone's else death sentence.

    So, no to rehabilitation, and you're a very good example as to why the death penalty is the kindest way of dealing with failed humans who have turned killer -- jailing someone for decades is far more cruel than despatching them humanely.

    Now if you want to complain about the unfairness of the death penalty in cases where someone innocent person gets executed, well, it's already happening, -- lots of people in the UK are executed at random by 'rehabilitated' murderers who were not hanged after their first (and subsequent) murders.

  5. I also found your blog through Jailhouse, I think rehabilitation is the only way to go. To be fair I have not had a family member murdered so my attitude may be quiet different if that had been the case.I would imagine I would be very bitter and hateful toward the person who had hurt my family which is only natural. I too hope you are allowed to keep blogging Ben.


  6. If the ex-con next door has had a sad time in chokey and decides to stove my head in when we 'bump into each other whilst putting out the bins' (which is your implication), then it is entirely his fault and back to chokey he goes - hurrah!....Though that won't help me as I lie in my ITU bed or 6 feet under.

    So, from a purely selfish perspective, I'd much prefer it if prison gave my ex-con neighbour a fresh perspective on life and the point in the right direction, via some skills and an interview for a job? Why not? Costs less than reoffending and back to prison and there's less of a chance I end up eating mashed potato via a straw for the rest of my days.

    I think where the blogger is grating a bit is the smug "your choice bit" at the end of the blogs. Heads up mate - none of us is especially chuffed with the state of the world, some of us are trying to make it better in our own little ways, but being told that everything is our fault tends to annoy us and provoke the knee-jerk "rot in prison, bastard"-type reactions. Just a bit of friendly advice, in case you do get out ;o)


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