Friday, September 11, 2009

The Things we See...

Woven into the dull fabric of life are small events, of which we only catch a partial glimpse. The beginning and ending are obscured, never known, leaving us the luxury of imagining some fantastical story - or of just being baffled.

Stepping out of my cell to check the length of the lunch queue the other day, I had to move back to allow two men to pass. With a determined look they marched along the landing, one holding a four-foot potted plant that looked like a stick in a tub, the other carrying a large inflatable fluorescent sunflower...


  1. And then there was "My Geranium is Subversive", but that's another story...

  2. Hi Ben,jailhouse is fighting for you tooth and nail, one thing I know about John he never gives up...

    Welcome to the land of blogging..


  3. Hi Ben, this is Admin from Prisoners Families Voices. This is a great blog and we are behind you!

  4. "J'ai seul la clef de cette parade sauvage."
    -- Arthur Rimbaud
    Only I have the key to this wicked show!


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