Saturday, September 26, 2009


Whilst sitting in the punishment block in Dartmoor, trying to write my letter, I had to give up. The cell was so damp that the ink of my biro was running on the paper.

The Governor makes his daily visit - "Any problems?" What, apart from the water running down the walls...? "Don't worry", he says, "it gets better in the summer." It was October.


  1. From someone I take it that has never been there ? Anonymous !

  2. Please do not tell me this is true? You really are not in a punishment block with water running down the wall? I cannot believe that a Prison Governor would permit this. It must have occurred before the EUCHR not to mention contravening H&S. Did I not read in the Guardian that you were in a prison near Shepton Mallett?

  3. this was some years ago!


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