Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Has any blogger, ever, just packed it in having declared, "sorry, I
have run out of things to say"?


  1. Nightjack....unfortunately, I only discovered him at that point. Like the artists whose paintings only gain acclaim after they die, his blog became wildly popular after he had finished writing it.

  2. It happens, of course. But not to you -- not yet awhile, anyway, Ben. You are thinking of yourself here?

    You have set out your philosophical stall. We know now what prism you look at things through. For the future, as and when things happen, we want to see them through that prism. Only you have the knowledge, experience and intelligence to do this for us. Stuff happens every day. Comment. If you ever find yourself repeating yourself, call it necessary reiteration. We can't remember what you said six months ago.

    And there's lots of stuff you still haven't talked about. I can supply list if you want. A very long one. Start off with, er, why would anyone want to be a prison officer? What happens to the idealists? What about this on the HMP website: "I don't think there's any greater reward than changing someone's perceptions of what life in general, and their life in particular, could be – and seeing them willing to make the change.”

    You are my first read of the day, Ben. Ain't no sunshine if you're gone. So don't even think about it. Please!

    I am a blogger. I haven't got much new to say today. But I am going to say it anyway. Because I write, therefore I am. It's what we do.

  3. I do hope you are just keeping us on our toes, and are not suggesting you are about to pack it in...

    I am in agreement with Charles and Mary above - please keep it up! I'm pretty sure you still have stuff to say.

  4. Loads. I have even thought about it. Not because I have run out of things to say, but more a case of why do I bother?

  5. If you have run out of things to say, then perhaps it is time to take a break, or search for new inspiration, or to clarify your goals.

    This blog has been very interesting to read, but I don't know if we're now just encouraging you to perpetuate the current situation. I feel that I am sitting here reading passively, having no affect on the prison system that oppresses you, while you are whimsically fighting a futile battle.

    If we are going to persevere like this, then we need a clear rationale for doing it. Do we have any common goals? If we just continue as we are, then will we contribute to positive change or are we just indulging our own needs/egos?

  6. The moment you do not feel you are getting anything out if it yourself is surely the moment to stop. Meanwhile, rest assured that even the most trivial comments from your persepective will be read with interest, simply because you write well and entertainingly.

  7. This is the only blog that interests me, don't you dare give it up Ben...I would have to start writing to you inside :)

  8. My mum jokingly tells me to 'get a life' when I am writing my blogs and connecting with my friends via the web (she's just jealous because the last time I tried to show her how to send an email a thunderstorm cut the electricity as she pressed 'send' and she's never touched a computer again! LOL).

    The ironic thing is if I didn't have an interesting, busy life then I would have nothing to blog about!

  9. I did! Well, not in so many words, but ...


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