Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Keep your ears peeled at midnight. In the absence of family, friends
and booze, 84,000 prisoners will leap from their beds and kick hell
out of their cell doors. It sounds like the coming of the apocalypse
but we hope it marks the dawn of our freedom. May you all have a good
year and never have a cell door to kick!


  1. may you have a good year,as well as your circumstances allow.
    Peace and goodwill

  2. I would like to echo JohnnyH's sentiment. Happy New Year Ben, I hope your circumstances change for the better very soon :).

  3. Happy New Year Ben Hope this is a better year for you x

  4. Thanks for your good wishes, sending them back to you in spades.
    You have given us much to think about, I hope good stuff comes your way.

  5. Have as good new year as possible. Thinking of you and wishing that this year brings something more positive for you (and for my son who has an IPP).

    Keep writing please - really appreciated.


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