Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Great Dope Growing Concern

Some of the boys got together, pooled their resources and ingenuity and decided to move into the cannabis growing business. This is a very rare event as hiding dope plants is nigh on impossible in prison.
Nevertheless, these budding Bransons thought they could earn a fortune. Seeds were acquired. Plant pots and a growing medium were snaffled from the far reaches of the prison. A long term hiding place was created. All of this took massive efforts and not a little money.
The excitement was high, adrenalin pumping as it can only when a scheme promises to come to fruition under the very eyes of staff. The Main Man laid out the seeds on damp cloths to begin the germination, then toddled off to work.
And was there a bountiful crop for Christmas? Ah, well, there may just have been. If only the Main Man had remembered to lock his budgie in its cage that morning after laying out the seeds...


  1. Given that there is a very high probability that your screws, governor etc. routinely read this blog, I hope that your cells etc. are not being combed for growing materials this very moment!

  2. This was in a different era. Ben has avoided cannabis for years, lest it hinder his release.

  3. reading those few paragraphs made me laugh...i just hope the Main Mans budgie wasnt too "high" to catch!!! on a serious note tho i hope u had a reasonable xmas xoxox


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