Thursday, December 10, 2009


The woman in Control shouts over the Tannoy, " I will be showing Snatch on the video channel. I repeat, there will be Snatch on the video channel."
There was a mad rush back to our cells to switch on the telly, followed by the collective sign of disappointment as a Guy Richie film began to play...


  1. Errr! Woman in charge? That was a joke on her part? WELL! Here is another, but Women might need it explaining :-(
    The X+X chromosome = Woman, that is as I call it: Woman+Woman. So is that a real woman then, no male bits? Call in the Jury Please!
    The X+Y chromosome = Man, that is as I call it: Woman+Man. So is that a real man then, female and male bits? We don't need the Jury for this one then, as it is simple!
    You have this Divine Soul, in his+her Divine Home. Babies not allowed (not even smiling ones), so no Big Tits (Groans from certain quarters). So, does this mean: In the Divine Hermaphrodites exist, 'The Duality'? Yupp! That is a definite mate! So, what about Human Men then? No Jury required for this either! What about the X+X Human Women then? So, what do they have to do, to get into the Divine then? You definitely, don't need a Jury for that! Anyway, has this Jury got any Women on it? I just know that all twelve, are Divine Beings! Crikey!

  2. **snortgiggle** Thanks pal, there's now tea all over my nice ergonomic keyboard :P


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